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Property Capital Allowance Workshop

A two hour workshop, in your office, to cover all aspects of the use of Capital Allowances enabling your team to understand the consequences of the 2014 Law on Section 198/197 and its effects on completing a buying or selling transaction. The workshop (which will qualify for CDP purposes) will cover:

An introduction to our Company

 • Who we are

 • Our Expertise

 • Our track record

 An understanding of Capital Allowances:

 • The history

 • How they work

 • The benefits to Commercial property owners

 • Case studies and examples of tax savings

 • The new requirements of Section 198/7 in the CPSE.1 form,
Question 32

 • Understanding the consequences of not providing the correct information for both Sellers and Buyers.

 • How to handle all future commercial property transactions.

 • Guidelines on the process with FAQs to help answer clients’ enquiries.

training and support

Scale of Capital Allowance Values

As a guide to the potential size of losses that could happen if the details are incorrectly entered. All industries have different levels of the Capital Allowance that could be available.

The actual value of Capital Allowance is calculated against the purchase price plus all acquisition costs – legal fees, stamp duty, surveys etc. plus allowable and unclaimed development costs.

Therefore, a £1,000,000 hotel could have £400,000 of Capital Allowances to claim giving £80,000 of corporation tax saving or up to £180,000 saving for a higher rate tax payer.

These tax savings can be considerable and both parties could lose them forever if CPSE.1 section 32 isn’t filled in correctly at the point of completion of the sales contract.


35 – 40%  Hotels

30 – 35% Shopping Centres

30 – 35% Offices

25 – 45% Nursing & Care Homes

25 – 45% Restaurants & Pubs

20 – 30% Retail

20 – 25% Industrial/Holiday Lets – UK & Europe

20 – 35% Doctors/Dentists/Vets/Opticians

10 – 25% Car Dealerships

10 – 15% Warehouses

10 – 15% HMO/Letting Market (Communal areas/Non-dwelling areas)


We will be working with you to help ensure the best practice for your clients by working with their Accountants, IFA’s, Business Brokers and Surveyors. Our mission is to provide enough training and background knowledge to ensure that both you and your clients are never at risk. All of our advice is guaranteed for 6 years and we have £1.5million PI insurance for every client we work with.

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